Video Production

With over 20 years of video production experience in the TV industry you can be reassured you will receive high-quality videos every time.

Visionworks Television Belfast production utilizes broadcast cameras which film in 4K UHD or 1080P resolution. These cameras use the latest cinematic lenses to capture low depth of field images with beautiful Bokeh and vibrant images.

As part of our in-house production service we also provide a video editing service for those that already have all or some of their footage recorded. We can then help build a corporate, promotional or online video.

We have a full range of microphones and experience in recording in a wide variety of situations from promotional films to commercials and corporate live events.

- Video Production

What services do we offer?

Visionworks Television Belfast offers a full service in-house video production service. We produce everything. Some films require single camera operator run and gun production shoots where time deadlines dictate quick flexible skilled camera operators. Other films require a full crew and we can put this together as well. We have researchers which will fully research your video so that the copy writer can script the narration to fit the message that you want portrayed. Once this is agreed the producer will team up with the director and select a camera crew to suit the production.

Our team of directors are well versed in delivering commercials that sing and films that get yor message across. We work throughout Northern Ireland and ROI. Our camera crews have many years of local knowledge and production experience and this shows in the final film. Corporate video is a useful online marketing tool that can target potential customers and ensure they have confidence in your company and can strengthen and build your brand in a sensitive and dynamic way. Unlike other online video messaging the corporate video focuses usually on the overall business. The way you communicate with your clients is the key to success and video helps develop your message in a clear and vibrant way. You are passionate about your company and at Visionworks we are experienced at encapsulating that passion and through telling your story helping promote your message through social media or other online platforms. Companies come in all shapes and sizes and your video will reflect your organisation.