Inchmarlo – the Preparatory School of the Royal Belfast Academical Institution. Designed and built as platform for staff, parents and pupils to have access to relative information such as news, policies and events.

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Design Agency Brief

The Inchmarlo website was very outdated and required a revamp. I created mock-ups of the website which were showcased to the client and once they were approved, I moved on to building the website via code.

This was to ensure that even with the revamp it was still recognisable to previous users. The new Inchmarlo website follow the same brand guidelines as the old site using the original yellow, black and white colour scheme along with the same font with is  “Brandon Grotesque”

The new site now has a much more modern appearance and works responsively on various devices, including tablets and mobile devices, but also keeps a lot of familiar elements from the previous site to keep it recognisable to their target audience.

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Preparatory School



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